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Jaguars Game Ball: Cameron Bradfield

The Jacksonville Jaguars got a surprise starter on their offensive line when Eben Britton's back tightend up and he was ruled inactive right before the game. Undrafted free agent rookie Cameron Bradfield was pushed into action at left tackle against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and impressively held his own and then some. "For the first game to be starting in Pittsbugh on the road, it was surreal," Bradfield told the Florida Times-Union after the game. "I had never played anything like this in college. Just the environment I would say was the biggest thing I had prepared on film all through the week so I knew what to expect as far as the personnel."

Bradfield was a dominant player in the preseason, but most of his action was against back up guys who wound up not on rosters. Against the Steelers however, he did a great job considering he was just surprisingly thrown into the line up. "I had a couple mistakes there at the end, I just messed up a game with Will (Rackley). I knew I was prepared I just have to play better," Bradfield told the Florida Times-Union. Bradfield was referring to the sack on the final drive that killed some time on the clock, but in my opinion that sack was on left guard Will Rackley, not Bradfield.

So, my game ball of the week goes to rookie left tackle Cameron Bradfield.