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Jaguars Bring Back Mike Sims-Walker, According to Sims-Walker

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Last night on the Gene Smith Show on WOKV, Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith made mention that the team would "process" recently released St. Louis Rams wide receiver and former Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker. This led to speculation that the Jaguars would consider bringing him back since their wide receiver position is in need of help. Sims-Walker furthered that speculation today when he tweeted that "Feels like deja vu...". He then followed that up with "Duuuvvvvvaaaallllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Sims-Walker was asked on Twitter if he was coming back to the Jaguars and replied that he was "on the way." Sims-Walker should be able to step in right away this Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens, since he already is familiar with the Jaguars playbook. The terms of the deal are unknown, but I'd imagine it is short-term for around the veteran minimum. As I mentioned earlier, adding Sims-Walker isn't going to fix the wide receiver problem, but it should help it. Charlie Bernstein of ESPN 1040 also reported on the radio that Sims-Walker is being brought back.

Update: Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union has also tweeted that Sims-Walker is flying to Jacksonville to sign with the Jaguars. Brendan Sonnone of also reports Sims-Walker signing is a done deal.