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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Great Expectations | Jaguars Blog
Expectations are often the difference between happiness and disappointment. Say your friend tells you "the food at this new restaurant is mind-blowingly amazing!" You may be more likely to believe the food at that restaurant will be some sort of transcendent experience. You make reservations at the restaurant based on your friend’s recommendation. When you try the food, it’s pretty good, but you wouldn’t describe it as amazing. You feel disappointed…wasn’t this supposed to be a ridiculously amazing, life-changing bonanza of flavor in your mouth? If you had gone to the restaurant without your friend’s description in mind, would you have appreciated the food more? Absolutely.

Shedding light on Sims-Walker return, Garrard agent claims |
It's been a whirlwind, controversy-filled 48 hours with two unrelated news events involving the Jaguars, so let me try to make some sense of why the team brought back Mike Sims-Walker after not wanting him in the offseason and David Garrard's agent, Al Irby, tearing into the organization for how they treated his big client. First, the return of Sims-Walker, who was released after struggling with the winless St. Louis Rams and is now officially back wearing a different number (15) with his old team.

Jaguars' Marcedes Lewis looking to make an impact on offense |
If the Jaguars are to get their passing game on track, they know where they have to start. They need to get the ball to tight end Marcedes Lewis. He made the Pro Bowl last year for the first time, catching 58 passes. He signed a five-year $34 million contract after the lockout with $17 million guaranteed.

Coming home
This was one wake-up call Mike Sims-Walker didn’t mind a bit. This was early Tuesday, a day after Sims-Walker had been released by the St. Louis Rams. His cell phone rang, and he saw the 904 area code. He then saw the next three digits and knew: the Jaguars were calling. He didn’t let it go to voice mail.