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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Baltimore Ravens Scouting Report | Jaguars Blog
For the better part of the last decade, the road to the playoffs in the AFC North has gone through Pittsburgh. Despite the impressive roster building by GM Ozzie Newsome and fiery coaching from John Harbaugh, the Baltimore Ravens have seldom been able to unseat the division leaders when it has mattered most. Exemplifying this was last year’s divisional playoff loss, when Baltimore squandered a 21-7 lead en route to a Steelers comeback that took Pittsburgh to the Super Bowl. As far as burning losses go, this one stung, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this season’s version of the Ravens appear to be ‘roided up and ready to go. In a week one rematch they must have been looking forward to all offseason, they kicked the Steelers up and down the field to the tune of a 35-7 final score. With that monkey off their back, Baltimore is itching to prove to the rest of the NFL they’re the cream of the crop in the AFC.

Jaguars Notebook: Receiver Mike Sims-Walker says he's happy to be home |
For wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker, his first day back on the Jaguars' practice field Thursday was a homecoming. "It feels great, man," he said. "I can't stop smiling. I'm home." The Jaguars signed Sims-Walker on Tuesday, even though they decided he was not in their plans at the end of last season and let him leave in free agency.

Safety Dawan Landry's leadership, experience help lift Jaguars defense |
It was like going to a new school for the first time, only Dawan Landry came into Jacksonville with his status already set. He was coming in to start, to be a part of Jacksonville's great defensive rebuild

Shutting out the noise
When it comes to outside talk, Marcedes Lewis said he doesn’t listen. Lewis, the Jaguars’ Pro Bowl tight end, said while that’s true when things are going well, it’s just as much the case these days – with the Jaguars’ offense struggling and with his receptions and numbers down from last season. Lewis said if that’s a formula for criticism, that’s perhaps to be expected. But it’s not something about which he worries.

Adding depth
Mike Thomas doesn’t see any way the addition could hurt. Thomas, the Jaguars’ leading receiver, said considering the versatility and experience of wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker, there’s every chance the veteran wide receiver can help the Jaguars’ struggling offense. He has NFL experience, and in particular, he has experience in the Jaguars’ system.