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Ravens Vs. Jaguars: Joe Flacco isn't playing that well

Those who've followed my writing pre-Big Cat Country days know I'm not a huge fan of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. I would personally rank him in the mid-tier of quarterbacks, good enough to get you to the playoffs but not good enough to march you through them. The Ravens are sitting at 4-1 behind Flacco, but he hasn't been playing all that great this season. On the year, Flacco's completing just 51.4% of his passes. He's got a nice amount of yardage (1,278) and has thrown 7 touchdowns to 4 interceptions, but he's gotten a big chunk of his numbers in two games.

Against the St. Louis Rams, Flacco threw for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns, connecting deep with rookie receiver Torrey Smith multiple times. In Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Flacco threw for 224 yards and 3 touchdowns. Outside of that, Flacco's been relatively ho-hum. That's 48% of his yards and 86% of his touchdowns in just two games. I don't expect him to put up big numbers against a Jacksonville Jaguars defense that's 8th against the pass and has allowed just two of the six quarterbacks they've face to throw for over 200 yards.

In the Ravens last two victories, Flacco hasn't thrown a touchdown pass and has been sacked 4 times. He was only sacked 4 times, but he was hit by the other team's defense 13 times. The Ravens offensive line has struggled in pass protection, especially at the tackle position with Bryant McKinnie and right tackle Michael Oher. While the Jaguars don't have the greatest of pass rushes (just 11 sacks so far, 19th in the NFL), they should be able to harass Joe Flacco when he drops back to pass and get some hits on him.