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Jeremy and J.D. Send Their Thanks

Almost a year ago I put up a FanShot to help out a fellow SB Nation contributor Jeremy Mauss, who runs Mountain West Connection. He needed to get a service dog for his son, who suffers from autism, palsy, and epilepsy but it was not covered under his insurance. As some of you may know, these service dogs are not cheap. Through the help of the SB Nation communities, Jeremy was able to raise enough money to get J.D., his son, the service dog.

I felt compelled to thank everyone here on the SB Nation network for their assistance and generosity. On Monday I am heading out to Ohio to pick up a service dog who will help my son who has autism and most recently officially diagnosed with epilepsy since he has had enough mild seizures to warrant the latest diagnosis. The dog can alert us if he has seizures, tracking if he happens to wander off and a ton of other great stuff.

I would like to thank all in helping to spread the word last December because who knows how long it would have taken to raise the funds without everyone's help. I believe about 75 percent of the $14,000 that was needed came directly from everyone here in getting the word out. The amount was raised in less than a month which was awesome and we are just now getting the service dog, so it could have been an extremely long time before we would be able to get the help our family needs if it even took three or four months to raise the funds.

Can't say it enough but thank you all,

Jeremy Mauss

Thank you all who donated.