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Ravens vs. Jaguars: Jack Del Rio is coaching for his job

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Five game losing streaks are never a good thing, obviously. But it's hard to imagine a worse time to go on a five game skid than during the beginning of a season in which the owner said playoffs or the head coach is gone during the offseason.

"If we're not in the playoffs [in 2011], it's pretty apparent we'll have a different coach." - Wayne Weaver (1-3-11) - via Gene Frenette

Five losses in a row is the worst streak in Jack Del Rio's time as head coach of the Jaguars and the fourth time in franchise history. The sole streak worse was a seven game losing streak in the latter half of the inaugural season of 1995.

To say Del Rio is on the hot seat would be an enormous understatement.

With two weeks until the bye week, it is very possible that Del Rio has already dug his grave and will no longer be the head coach of the Jaguars when the team heads to Indianapolis in week 10. However, as long as he is still in the position as head coach I believe his job is always salvagable.

Firing a coach on a two game winning streak during the bye week would be a weird move. One I don't think Weaver would make.

So that's the mark for Jack, win both tonight's game against the Ravens and next Sunday's game against the Texans or you're gone. Winning just one is not going to be enough in my opinion.

Perhaps if tonight's game goes similarly to the last Monday Night Football game the Jaguars played in, he wont even get a second game to work with.