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Jaguars lead 3-0 following mistake filled 1st quarter

Well it certainly hasn't been pretty so far, but the Jaguars defense has been every bit the strong defense the Jaguars had in mind after adding several free agents this summer. Between the two teams there has been three fumbles with each defense recovering one.

A Ray Rice fumble early was recovered by Rashean Mathis deep in Ravens territory, but a Maurice Jones-Drew fumble (his second of the game) gave the Ravens the ball back on their own one.

The third of four three-and-out stops in the first quarter gave the Jaguars the ball on the Ravens 33 following a strong punt return by Mike Thomas, but resulted in only a field goal after Blaine Gabbert was sacked by Terrell Suggs.

As long as the Jaguars defense keeps playing ridiculously strong defense and keeping strong coverage, they have as good a chance as they're going to get. The offense, however, can't afford to continue to have miscues. Time to take advantage.


Use this as the second quarter thread.