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Jaguars lead 6-0 after defense dominates first half

It's hard to imagine the Jaguars defense dominating more than they have so far on national television, for all to see. Even in the famous 9-0 Steelers shutout of 2006, the Jaguars allowed nine first downs and 153 yards of total offense.

Led by a strong run defense that has bottled Ray Rice and shutdown man coverage by both Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis, the Ravens have nine offensive possessions so far and just 16 yards of offense. None of those possessions have resulted in a first down. That's a franchise best nine stops in a row for the Jaguars and a franchise worst for the Ravens.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars offense has struggled to take advantage of the opportunities given to them by the defense. Star running back Maurice Jones-Drew has fumbled three times and looked like he fumbled four times had it not been for a Jaguars challenge that overruled what was called a fumble on the team.

Thankfully Josh Scobee is a beast.


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