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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup, Jaguars Vs. Ravens Edition

Ravens Embarrassed On National TV - Baltimore Beat Down
The Baltimore Ravens have no one but themselves to blame for their embarrassing 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football in a game that saw them take until well into the second half before they could even muster their initial first down of the game. For a team that felt it belonged among the league's best and was considered the third best in most NFL Power Rankings, this loss on national TV did nothing to earn the team any respect and just continues to regurgitate the lack of offense that has been as much of the team's reputation as it's powerful defense has been.

Defense saves night as Jaguars end skid |
This is what they wanted, when the Jaguars called about linebacker Paul Posluszny as soon as free agency opened. This is why they committed more than $100 million to defensive free agents. This is why they spoke calmly and confidently about how good the defense could be. Monday night’s performance against one of the best teams in the AFC showed why the Jaguars believed that they were better than the 1-5 record with which they entered the game.

Gene Frenette: Defense leads Jags’ rise from the dead |
If the Jaguars are "dead team walking," as one prominent NFL national writer recently opined, maybe all they needed was a prime-time stage to finally awaken. Saddled by a five-game losing streak and the head coach’s future a constant story line, a vastly improved Jaguars’ defense rose up to possibly save the 2011 season. Or at least pump some much-needed life into it.

A night for celebrating
Drew Coleman didn’t hesitate. Coleman, the Jaguars’ veteran free-agent cornerback, said from the moment Joe Flacco’s final pass stuck in his hands, securing a much-needed, long-awaited – and possibly, season-saving – 12-7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens at EverBank Field Monday, he knew where the football was going. The destination: the stands.

Only one thing missing
Knighton on defense: "We proved we’re one of the best in the league." Terrance Knighton knew. And not only did the Jaguars’ third-year defensive tackle know, he was hardly shy about telling anyone who would listen. Remember? In training camp? Even early in the season, when things didn’t always look good? Always, it was Knighton saying the Jaguars were one of the NFL’s best defenses – actually, that wasn’t what Knighton said. Always, he said the Jaguars could be *the* best.

Wrap-up: Jaguars 12, Ravens 7 - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Thoughts on the Jacksonville Jaguars' 12-7 win over the Baltimore Ravens at EverBank Field: What it means: The pressure on Jack Del Rio eases after a great upset win stopped a five-game losing skid and moved the Jaguars to 2-5. One game doesn’t turn the Jaguars into contenders, but they are within two games of the first-place Texans and visit Houston on Sunday.