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Jaguars preparing for a month away from home

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In the last three weeks, the Jaguars had the challenge of going against the NFL's three best defenses. Now they're ready for a new challenge as they wont have a home game until they play the Texans for a second time in Jacksonville on Nov. 27. The road trip will begin in Reliant Stadium against the Texans, then go to Lucas Oil Field against the Colts and finish against the Browns in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

They have a bye week in between to break it up some, but the Jaguars will have to work to get better on the road. In 2009 and 2010 combined they won just four road games and lost their other 12. This season they've lost all three of their road games so far.

Luckily for the Jaguars, none of these away games are as far as Seattle, San Francisco or San Diego. In the three games the Jaguars had against those three teams in 2009 and 2010, the team lost by a combined 83 points.