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Five Keys to a Jaguars Victory in Houston

1.  Shut down Arian Foster. The guy makes plays, there's no doubt about that. Not only do they run with him (and Ben Tate thrown in the mix) but throw a lot of screens and swing passes to him out of the backfield. The Jaguars must locate him at all times and don't let him get out in space.

2. Keep the momentum going defensively. Do what you did on Monday night. Pressure Schaub; force him to roll out of the pocket or he'll pick any defense apart. Get off the field on 3rd down, which we didn't see all season until the Ravens game. Blanket their receivers. Owen Daniels and Joel Dreessen are big targets that seem to sneak into open coverage against the Jaguars and make plays. Make the Texans one-dimensional and create your own momentum on the road, in a place the Jaguars traditionally have fallen apart in the past at Reliant Stadium.

3. Run the ball. So simple, yet so important. Wear down that Texans defense. This is a team that likes to score points and protect a lead. Keep the ball in your court and maintain control of the game and possession of that football. Please, no fumbles Jones-Drew. Hopefully it was just Monday night anxiety.

4. Score in the red zone. The Jaguars have been awful, just awful in the red zone in every way possible. Drops, fumbles, and bad playcalling have all played a factor in that. 0-3 against the Ravens masked the scoreboard from what potentially could've been a blowout. These long, methodical drives the Jaguars have a couple time a game have to end in seven points, not three or even zero. Good teams score when they get the opportunity.

5. Don't let the coaching ruin the game. I'll admit there was a reason that I was worried about the Jaguars win Monday night. Despite a much needed and satisfying win, I hope this doesn't bail out Jack Del Rio. Let management and the fans look at the big picture. Despite a victory, a botched challenge that could've been useful later, some bad clock management at time and many other small blunders that add up to significant area of the game. I hope Del Rio's job isn't saved by one win. I don't know how some of these coaching issues every week can be made up. Let's minimize them, please.