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Marcedes Lewis has got to get it going

The Jacksonville Jaguars passing game ranks dead last in the NFL so far. They're averaging less than 150 passing yards per game. A lot of that has to do with the fact they're starting a rookie quarterback, but some of it falls on the supporting cast as well. Pro Bowl tight end Marcedes Lewis has struggled to get going so far in 2011. Through six games, Lewis has just 11 catches for 129 yards and no touchdowns.

Lewis' overall production isn't necessarily the problem however, it's his overall performance. Early in the season Lewis was dealing with a calf injury that limited his speed and his blocking, because he couldn't plant and drive like he normally would. The past few weeks however, Lewis has struggled catching the football. He hasn't been targeted a lot, but when he is he's had a case of the dropsies. He's dropped at least two touchdown passes, albeit he's been missed on some errant throws, he's got to come down with the ones thrown to him that are catchable.

Currently Lewis is on pace for just 344 receiving yards, which would be the lowest out put since his rookie season. There shouldn't be a better security blanket for a rookie quarterback than a 6'7" tight end who plays basketball, but when the ball comes his way, Lewis has also got to come down with it. If Lewis and Blaine Gabbert can get on the same page, it could begin moving the gears of an offense that's struggled to get going.