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What's with the Jaguars defensive personnel errors?

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense had some errors on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. It wasn't blown coverage errors. It wasn't missed tackle errors. It wasn't even mental errors, at least by the players. The Jaguars suffered from coaching errors and defensive personnel errors during the game. Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was in the booth, rather than the sideline per usual, calling the defense because of a torn quad he suffered fielding punts in practice (wait, what? Yes. It happened.).

On one play, 2nd and 4 right before the half, the Jaguars were called for too many men on the field. That happens occasionally, but it should never happen after a timeout... which it did in this instance. How do you even do that? On another instance, 4th and 1 that the Saints converted, the Jaguars only had 10 players on the field. It's not a guaranteed had they had all 11 players they would have stopped the Saints... but how do you do that? Then later on the Jaguars were forced to burn a timeout because they had 12 men on the field again.

That's way too many errors in a single game.