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Dave Hanzus of accuses Jaguars of mis-painting arrows, on purpose.

Most of us have seen the mis-painted arrows on half of the field in the game against the New Orleans Saints, but this is the most ridiculous take I've seen on it thus far. Dave Hanzus of essentially contends the Jacksonville Jaguars did it on purpose, for a "homefield advantage", which is absolutely ridiculous?

The Jacksonville Jaguars, apparently abandoning hope that their indifferent fan base can provide a traditional home-field advantage, appear to have resorted to, um, more experimental methods. At least that's how it looked Sunday at EverBank Field, where the arrows on the south side of the field were pointed in the wrong direction for the Jaguars' matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

Please see the photo on top for visual confirmation of the gaffe. Good grief.

As you probably know from every field, on every level, in every league (even the XFL!) in the history of the sport, the arrows are supposed to point toward the nearest end zone.

Call us cynics, but we don't believe this was some accident by a bumbling grounds-crew intern. Something Machiavellian was at play in Jacksonville.

Oh, and really appreciate the "indifferent fanbase" potshot, guy. The Saints TOTALLY looked confused trying to find the endzone. Good call, Dave.