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Gabbert and Jaguars to face the NFL's top 3 defenses in the next 3 weeks

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The Jaguars have had well documented issues on offense to begin the season. The league's 14th and 15th ranked defenses of the Panthers and Saints, respectively, each held the new Gabbert-led offense to 10 points. Things aren't about to get easier for the Jaguars as they face the league's top ranked Cincinnati Bengals defense in week five.

After the Bengals, who are allowing a league low 275.5 yards per game, the Jaguars go on a road trip to play the Pittsburgh Steelers' second ranked defense and top passing defense in Heinz Field. The Steelers have allowed 157.5 yards a game through the air.

Following these two opponents, they will play the Ravens on Monday night. The Ravens have accumulated 11 sacks and six interceptions through four games and opposing quarterbacks have averaged a 61.6

So if the Jaguars plan on turning their offensive struggles around, this might be a difficult stretch to do so.