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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup, Vs. Texans Edition


Few completions, no excuses for Blaine Gabbert |
That he's a rookie quarterback, only 22, with just six starts of NFL experience is the truth. But Blaine Gabbert calls it something else. "Growing pains?" Gabbert said. "That's an excuse. I don't like to make excuses. This team doesn't like to make excuses. That just shows that you're a weak person. We don't make excuses here. We expect to perform at our best week in and week out regardless of the circumstances."

Gene Frenette: Shackled offense can’t move chains |
The exasperation came through pretty clearly in the somber responses throughout the postgame locker room. You could sense it in Jack Del Rio’s voice, as well as in every dropped pass, and all those times the chains failed to move Sunday at Reliant Stadium. The Jaguars’ offense is at a stinkin’ all-time low. Even allowing for the fact rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert is still developing and has no weapons beyond Maurice Jones-Drew, this whole growth process has become a sad, pathetic thing to witness.

Jaguars Notebook: Terrance Knighton still not a big fan of Texans |

Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton is doing his best to stoke the Jaguars-Texans rivalry. Knighton said last week he hated the Texans more than any team in the league and the Jaguars' 24-14 loss Sunday didn't change his opinion. "I still don't like them and I have no respect for them at all," he said. "It was nothing they were doing. It was just the dirty stuff. They weren't dominating me or anything. I was just aggravated."

No excuses

Blaine Gabbert put it simply, succinctly. In the wake of the Jaguars’ 24-14 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday – a game that began with talk of inching into the playoff chase and ended with disappointment -- the Jaguars’ rookie quarterback was asked about growing pains and the struggles of a first-year player. Gabbert wanted none of it.

Familiar script

That’s the story of the Jaguars’ 24-14 loss to the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium Sunday, and really, it’s the story of the 2011 season to date. While you give the Jaguars’ defensive players credit Sunday for saying the right things, that didn’t make the reality any less real. Once again, the defense played very, very well. Once again, it was good enough in normal circumstances to win. Once again, it wasn’t enough.

Wrap-up: Texans 24, Jaguars 14 - AFC South Blog - ESPN

What it means: The Texans maintained their lead in the AFC South, improving to 5-3. They had some poor stretches but did what a good team should do against a division opponent who is not as well-rounded. The Jaguars fell to 2-6, which is two games better than the last-place Colts, but well behind both the Titans (4-3) and Texans.