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Jaguars Offense Is What It Is

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense is the worst offense in the NFL. Yes, the Jaguars are able to run the football with Maurice Jones-Drew, who's still second in the NFL in rushing yards despite only rushing for 63 yards against the Houston Texans. Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert struggled and seemed to regress more than he did on Monday night. He took a shot to the head/ribs on a scramble early in the game and came back in after having his ribs taped. When he came back, he seemed more jittery in the pocket than normal and continued to fail to set his feet and step into a lot of his throws.

The Jaguars managed just 174 total yards of offense, but still scored 14 points thanks to defensive turnovers putting the team in striking distance. The Jaguars longest drive of the day was an 8-play 43-yard drive that ended in a tipped interception. That was the only drive where the Jaguars offense looked right and Gabbert seemed to be in rhythm.

The team will get their mandatory four days off this week, which they can hopefully use to reset. Something needs to happen on the offensive side of the ball, but I'm at a loss as for what to change. Gabbert's still a big work in progress, the offensive line is inconsistent both in play and line up, and the receivers still struggle. Right now, it is what it is.