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Matt Turk's still on the Jaguars roster.....

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost punter Adam Podlesh in the off season to the Chicago Bears. While it's "just a punter," it was seemingly a big loss for the Jaguars. They picked up grizzled veteran Matt Turk to replaced Podlesh, but so far that's accomplished nothing. Turk frankly, has been terrible.

Currently Podlesh is 8th in the NFL in net punting average. Matt Turk? He's 29th with a net punting average of 33.2. He does lead the league in touchbacks however, with 5. (That's bad). After the Carolina Panthers game, where Turk flat out just dropped a punt and turned the ball over, the Jaguars decided they were going to employ a rugby style punt for Turk when the team had a short field, since he kept kicking it in the endzone.

Well, that worked once and the New Orleans Saints were pinned back deep in their own territory. He also shanked for only 29 yards. Frankly, I'm baffled the Jaguars haven't brought in some punters. It is still early on Tuesday, though.