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Samsung Game Ball: Daryl Smith

Getty Images

Linebacker Daryl Smith had one of the biggest plays of the game for the Jaguars when he stepped in front of a Drew Brees pass and came up with an interception with just under a minute remaining in the second quarter. He did draw criticism, however, for not cutting back across the field or even just running over Brees on his way to the endzone. Instead he was ran out of bounds by the 6'0, 209 pound quarterback, a play that he has since expressed regret about. He reportedly said he immediately knew when he stepped out of bounds that he should have done something else.

Regardless, the end result of the play was a huge play in the Jaguars favor. Smith also accumulated seven tackles and also was in on a sack that should've been credited to him, but instead went to Clint Session for some reason. Smith also leads the Jaguars in passes defended this season.