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A Jaguars wide receiver has to step up

Last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, something offensively stuck out like a sore thumb for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their wide receivers struggled to produce, even facing predominantly man and single coverage. Jaguars wide receiver Mike Thomas, their defacto No. 1 receiver, led the team in receptions once again catching 5 passes for 73 yards on 11 targets. Thomas' stat line looks nice, but outside of the wide receiver screen Thomas took 47 yards, he had 4 catches for 26 yards. The Saints blanketed him on anything over 10 yards.

Same goes for the other Jaguars receivers. Adam Stites highlighted yesterday the receivers struggles to get open and it was apparent on Sunday at the game. While rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert did miss on throws, especially in the second half, his receivers didn't do him any favors by failing to create separation and dropping passes. The Jaguars can expect more of the same, coverage wise, going forward. Someone's going to have to show the ability to get open and make plays against man coverage.