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Bengals Vs. Jaguars: Another Battle Of Rookie Quarterbacks

Andy Dalton should consider actually wearing a helmet.
Andy Dalton should consider actually wearing a helmet.

When the Cincinnati Bengals come to Jacksonville, they will be led by a quarterback many Jacksonville Jaguars fans wanted and thought the team would draft. Rookie Andy Dalton, the consummate "Gene Smith guy" will be leading the Bengals on EverBank Field against the current Jaguars rookie quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. The Bengals traded up in the second round to select use their second round draft pick on Dalton, and he's had moderate success leading the Bengals to a 2-2 record.

On the season, Dalton has the typical "rookie" statistics for a quarterback. He's completing sub-60% of his passes, he's averaging about 200 yards a game, and he's thrown as many touchdowns (4) as interceptions. On the other side of the field, Gabbert is in the same boat. His completition percentage is a bit lower, thanks to completing virtually no passes in the second half against the Saints, but they're producing roughly the same.

Well, the Bengals offense can actually score more than 10 points.