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Rainy with a chance of Bengals

Several weather stations and websites are reporting that the forecast for the Jaguars game on Sunday against the Bengals will be a rainy one. Weather Underground reports that the game has a 70 percent chance of rain with 15-20 mph winds and will be around 75-80 degrees.

While it likely wont be the torrential downpour that we witnessed in the loss to the Panthers, rainy weather should still have an impact on the game. When talking to the media yesterday, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter talked about how the rain affected his game plan:

"We had a 50-50 game plan for Carolina, kind of like we always do, but anybody who just came in from outside right now, starting in the second quarter we got drenched....It's just the weather dictated that Carolina game went the way it was."

The general rule of thumb is that when rain starts coming down, pass stop being thrown. It is more difficult to grip the ball, release the ball, have the ball go the direction you want it to go in the air and even catch the ball when it is wet and raining.

The ability to impose your will on opposing defensive lineman and the ability to run become more important than ever. The Jaguars will need to be able to run the ball effectively and take care of the football so as to not have careless turnovers if they are to win in the elements.