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Jaguars lose again after offense struggle in the second half...again

Five consecutive weeks of offensive struggles in the second half is the largest reason why the Jaguars are just 1-4 and was again the reason for their 30-20 loss to the Bengals. While the seven points were the most scored by the Jaguars in the second half all season, they simply could not move the ball and put too much pressure on the defense to stop the Bengals offense.

These are the second half drives for the Jaguars today:

Start Plays Yards Result
JAC38 4 3 Punt
JAC38 4 1 Punt
JAC20 10 33 Punt
JAC25 4 -9 Punt
JAC20 3 80 Touchdown
JAC2 4 4 Punt
JAC33 3 -16 Fumble
JAC14 1 -4


With the exception of a 74 yard touchdown to Jason Hill on blown coverage by Reggie Nelson (oh the irony), the Jaguars offense did absolutely nothing. Not helping their cause were punts of 22, 23 and 32 yards in the second half from everyone's favorite punter, Matt Turk. While we'll have much more analysis of the loss throughout the coming days here at BCC, my initial thought is that I'd be surprised if Jack Del Rio is coaching in week six and absolutely floored if Turk is still punting.