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Jaguars Game Ball: Clint Session

The Jacksonville Jaguars suffered yet another tough loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday, 24-14. The Jaguars defense once again did a nice job of slowing down a potent offense, limiting Texans quarterback Matt Schaub to just around 200 yards passing and only a single touchdown pass.  The Jaguars defense was also able to harass Schaub, sacking him twice and hitting him four other times. One play in particular was just a flat out pure effort play.

Linebacker Clint Session, who's been criticized not for his play but his actual play time, made one of the best Jaguars defensive plays of the season on Sunday. Session timed his blitz almost perfectly with the snap of the ball, shot through the line of scrimmage and was cut block by the running back. The back actually did his job, getting Session off his feet and to the ground, but Session wasn't done. Session crawled for a second, popped back up, and drilled Matt Schaub forcing a fumble. It was a great hustle play that setup the Jaguars in the red zone and led to a score.