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Eugene Monroe vs. Dwight Freeney: Part 4

In Eugene Monroe's debut regular season game in 2009, he was abused by Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney for the majority of the day. While Freeney only recorded one sack in the game, he used a variety of moves to get in to the backfield often and hit then starter, David Garrard, on multiple occasions.

Luckily for Monroe, Freeney did not play when the Jaguars and Colts next faced off and he got to delay rounds two and three until the 2010 season. In those two games, it was an entirely different story. In two games against the Jaguars and Monroe, Freeney didn't record a sack and recorded just a single tackle. To be fair to Freeney, he was injured in his last game against the Jaguars and played a minority of the team's defensive snaps.

Regardless, Monroe was the winner of both matchups he had against Freeney in 2010. This Sunday will be the fourth time the two players have faced each other and it will be very important that Monroe continues the success he has had against the player that is the NFL's 26th all-time in sacks, and continue the success he has had so far this season.