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Jaguars 17 Colts 3: Fans Can Have Some Hope

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Watching the game today, one thing was clear: the Jaguars defense is really, really good. Granted, they were playing against an offense almost as anemic as the Jaguars themselves, but they dominated. Typical game plan from the coaches against the Colts: run the ball, and force the turnovers on defense. This game is a far cry from the matchup just last December, but the Jaguars came out after a bye and showed they're still in it for the long haul, one game at a time. Jeremy Mincey played his heart out and hopefully will get some national attention in the near future. Who would have thought that the Aaron Kampman injury last year could unveil such a phenomenal pass rusher. Despite Terrance Knighton being out, it wasn't too noticeable, as the Jaguars front seven really controlled the line of scrimmage and made the Colts one dimensional. The Jaguars will in all likelihood be 4th in the NFL in defense after this outing. Can you say the return of the Teal Curtain?

It's obvious the Jaguars defense was having a good day when Curtis Painter gets benched for the perennial backup Dan Orlovsky. One young, inaccurate quarterback for another. The offense set a good tempo with Jones-Drew racking up the yards all day. Despite the lack of a consistent passing, there were some plays that Gabbert made. The touchdown to Dillard was executed to perfection. Some throws to Chastin West were right on the money. He had a lot of pressure coming from perennial probowlers Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney, but Blaine made the most of the opportunities he was given. One question many Jaguar fans are starting to ask themselves after another awful game complete with drops: Was Marcedes Lewis's pro bowl season a fluke?

All-in all, it is always satisfying to beat the Colts, no matter the circumstances. At 3-6, no one knows where the Jaguars season will go, but it was a good way to start off the second half of the season. If you have any friends that are Eagles fans (they're 3-6 also), go ahead, rub it in, maybe the Jaguars have a dream team themselves. Probably not, but a win has any fan feeling good.