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Rashean Mathis Injury: Jaguars Could Lose In The Win

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up their third win of the season against the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, winning 17-3. The Jaguars defense stifled an already bad Colts offense, sacking the Colts quarterbacks five times and picking them off twice. Early in the second quarter however, the Jaguars defense may have taken a big hit. Cornerback Rashean Mathis went down in a heap with a left knee injury.

Mathis was on the ground for quite a bit being looked at by trainers. He had to be assisted to the off the football field to the sideline. Once Mathis was on the sideline, he was having his knee looked at by the team's medical staff. Shortly after, Mathis was carted off the field to the locker room and didn't return. The extent of Mathis' injury right now is unknown, but it didn't look good. He reportedly had an X-Ray in Indianapolis that didn't show anything, but more tests will need to be done. If Mathis is lost for the season, the Jaguars defense should still be pretty good, but it would be a big hit to the secondary.