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An Underlying Question: Do Wins Equate to Job Security for Del Rio?

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Wins are wins. Everyone appreciates wins. This team is better than last year in some areas, but there is still much improvement left to be made. The question I have been asking myself, especially after an important win on Monday night against the Ravens rather than the win this past Sunday, is if these wins that are few and far between so far are improving Del Rio's chances of returning to the Jaguars next season. On the outside, one would see a 3-6 team that has fallen below expectations in many people's eyes and a coach long overdue for a firing will be fired. On the other hand, from someone who has had a very fundamental understanding of the Jaguars organization and how they operate, I wonder if Wayne Weaver truly has the guts to stand by his statement and fire Jack Del Rio if the Jaguars don't make the playoffs.

When someone who is not familiar with the Jaguars ask me how Del Rio is still the coach of the Jaguars, I have no answer. A 68-69 record so far after 8 and a half seasons is mediocre. Normal organizations expect progress. I can't think of a franchise (think of a long standing coach ie Bill Belichick with the Patriots or Jeff Fisher with the Titans or Bill Cowher with the Steelers) that has kept a coach for so long with so little success. Does every win the Jaguars get boost Del Rio's chance of returning a little more? Does the body of work from this season favor Del Rio regardless of Weaver sticking to his guns? Certainly questions to ponder moving forward, especially if the Jaguars string together some wins to get near 8-8 at the end of the season.