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Aaron Kampman Injury: Could this be it for the Jaguars end?

About this time last season, I questioned if it could be one and done for Aaron Kampman as a Jacksonville Jaguars player. I made the point that Kampman was 31 years old and coming off his second ACL tear in as many seasons, not to mention the fact that Kampman was due no guaranteed money in 2011. Fast forward to this season and Kampman has played just three games this season, and to be frank has just been a body out there, doing absolutely nothing when he's been on the field.

Now, there are some rumblings that it's very possible Kampman could wind up on injured reserve again, and with the Jaguars signing another defensive end in George Selvie it certainly makes that seem possible, if not likely later in the week. Kampman suffered a hamstring injury sometime during the bye week and missed the game against the Colts. If Kampman winds up in injured reserve again, I have a hard time seeing him back on the Jaguars again in 2012. It was a low-risk move this season, given Kampman's salary was only $2.45 million. In 2012 however, his salary jumps to $4.9 million. That's a lot of money to pay an older defensive end who's suffered two ACL tears in back to back seasons and has ended up on injured reserve three years in a row.