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Jaguars Power Play: Blaine Gabbert to Jarett Dillard

The Jacksonville Jaguars knocked off the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday to pick up their third win of the season. The Jaguars came out of halftime tied with the Colts 3-3, after what was a complete first half of failure by both teams. They traded interceptions and virtually couldn't move the football. After forcing the Colts to a three-and-out, the Jaguars mounted a ridiculously long drive that took up nearly the entire third quarter.

On the drive, the Jaguars went 16 plays for 91 yards, taking a whopping 9:40 off the game clock. The drive was centered around rushing the football, but had some nice passing plays. It was also assisted by a hands to the face penalty on a third down in which Blaine Gabbert was sacked, giving new life to the drive. The drive was capped off on a third down play as well, when Gabbert dropped back to pass and floated the ball over to wide receiver Jarett Dillard, who had easily beat his man off the line for the easy touchdown. The touchdown essentially sealed the football game, as the Colts struggled to move the ball all game.