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Technical difficulties forced Gabbert to call his own plays against Colts

During running back Maurice Jones-Drew's time talking to the Jacksonville media on Wednesday, he revealed an interesting note about Blaine Gabbert's performance on Sunday against the Colts. When asked about the struggles of the passing game he said that technical difficulties forced the Jaguars rookie quarterback into an interesting situation.

"I don't know if you guys knew, but there was a point where the microphones went out and Blaine would call his own plays. He was going through progressions and doing things you don't expect a young guy to be able to do."

It was never revealed as to how long the microphones were out or during what stretch of the game these technical difficulties occurred, but it does make for an interesting note. Obviously it's encouraging that Gabbert is trusted in his rookie year to make his own audible calls at the line and even more encouraging to hear that he was confident enough to call his own plays.

It would, however, be interesting to see how successful the plays that were called by Gabbert ended up being and how they compared to the general gameplan of Koetter.