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My Introduction to Big Cat Country

Hello, my name is Austin Taylor,

I'll be writing with Alfie and Adam on Big Cat Country. I'm excited to be a part of Big Cat Country. I hope to be writing about Fantasy Football and all things Jaguars. Again, I would like to say thank you to Alfie and Adam for giving me a chance to write for such a great website. I hope to make many new friends on Big Cat Country that share the same passion for the Jaguars that I do. I plan on Thursdays and Saturdays to write about Fantasy Football Start Em and Sit Em and Last Minute Fantasy Pickups. For the rest of the week I plan to be writing all things Jaguars post game analysis and the pro and con about the Jaguars.

I'd LIke to thank you all for reading my articles. I love to read and write about the Jaguars and I hope to be entertaining and informing all Jaguars fans for a very long time on Big Cat Country

Thank you again,

Austin Taylor