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Do we need to remember players are doing a job?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a bye week this week, so beginning today they will start a mandatory 4 days off from practice, etc. That means the players will not have to report back to the facility until Monday, which will likely just be for treatment or some lifting. Tania Ganguli of The Florida Times-Union noted on twitter that tight end Marcedes Lewis was one of the first guys out the door to start his vacation.

Players raced to get out of here and start their bye week. Winner for fastest exit was Marcedes Lewis.

This of course was followed up with a litany of tweets about how Lewis doesn't care, the players don't care, etc. Tania, I'm sure, was just making a simple joking observation about the guys rushing to start their vacation, but I don't think she knew what would follow on Twitter.

Seriously guys, we need to chat.

The plethora of ripping Lewis took on twitter was hilariously ignorant. There came cries of how this just proves he's not dedicated and he shouldn't be rushing out the door. Why not? The players have a mandatory four days off from work. Was staying an extra ten minutes going to fix his drops issue? Would being the 45th player out the door make a difference? There were a litany about how he should stick around and work on his game. What part of MANDATORY is so hard for people to understand?

Lewis tweeted a few minutes later that he was heading back to California to spend time with his family, where they still reside. Hey, maybe Marcedes Lewis was rushing out the door to catch a flight to Los Angeles? He is flying cross country, which is a brutally long flight. No, of course not. It's because he's clearly not dedicated. Maybe he was noteworthy leaving the facility first because he's not normally one of the first ones out?

Look, Lewis has played poorly after getting a large contract. The offense as a whole, has played poorly. All of the players were rushing to get out and start their four days off. For the life of me, I cannot understand outrage about players taking a vacation, especially a mandatory one. Haven't you gone through a rough stretch at work and taken a few days off to collect yourself and reset? I guess your customers should berate you for doing so, right?

The best thing this team can do right now very well could be to take a break and reset their minds. Making a big deal about it being noted Lewis was the first one out while all of the players rushing to get out for their mandatory time off is just pathetic.