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Jaguars Defense Missed Terrance Knighton

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has been a bright spot all season long. For the most part, the defense did their job against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were held to just 14 points, and that should be enough to win football games. Against the Browns, the Jaguars defense gave up 334 total yards of offense. Colt McCoy was limited to just 186 yards in the air, once again not allowing a 200 yard pass, but the defense gave up too many yards on the ground.

Browns running back Chris Ogbonnaya, the Browns third running back, was able to pick up 115 yards on the ground and a touchdown on just 21 carries. Ogbonnaya's day was assisted by a long 40-yard run later in the game where he juked rookie safety Chris Prosinski out of his shoes. The Jaguars clearly missed defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, who missed his second game of a row dealing with an ankle sprain.