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At The Bitter Hands of Defeat

  The Jaguars versus Browns was one of the more disappointing loses this year. But as disappointing of a loss it was there were some good things in the game that I noticed.

1. Blaine Gabbert threw for 41 pass attempts, completing 22 for 210 yards, as some were a bit overthrown he still showed that he makes the right decisions that an NFL Quarterback makes. 

2. The Jaguars defense still showed that they can make plays when needed, but as Alfie noted Knighton was indeed clearly missed. 

3. MJD still showed that he is still one of the only players on the Jaguars Offense that can make plays. Rushing for 87 yards and a TD.

But in every loss there is a lot of things I disliked tremendously.

1. The Jaguars for this entire season showed that they still need a #1 receiver and the receivers that we have can barely get any separation from the corner backs. 

2. The clock management was incredibly a disappointment by Jack Del Rio in the 4th Quarter. 

3. Finally, all I have left to say is Dirk Koetter