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This One Hurts

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Considering the Jaguars had already lost six games prior to the game yesterday, one would think that it wouldn't hurt as bad as the first one or even the third one did. But the loss in Cleveland is stinging, probably more than the Cincinnati game where a botched snap sailed over Blaine Gabbert''s head in the closing minutes. Cleveland didn't just snatch away a victory from the Jaguars, the Jaguars handed it to them on a silver platter. To actually get two shots in the end zone from the Cleveland 1 yard line with 8 seconds left-that felt good. The execution-not so much. 

Now I'm sure Jack Del Rio will say we failed to execute on many plays, but that's the same old story. When the Jaguars lose, they find a new way to do it every time: Luke McCown's 4 interceptions in East Rutherford, a poor offensive showing with a "rain" excuse in Carolina, and the new all time low for the Jaguars this weekend-a bad red zone possession in the waning seconds of a winnable game. All phases of the game would get a "C" if not lower in my book. Granted, I am optimistic with at least some of Gabbert's game yesterday. But the offense couldn't achieve any continuity other than the 93 yard drive that was what the Jaguars usually do when the offense is at their best. On that drive we got a preview of what can be in Jacksonville. As Shane Clemons said, "Once he got in rhythm on that drive, it was over for the Browns." The kid if growing, I promise you that. But the usually reliable defense (still gave up only 14 points) didn't help too much either. Rushing defense-non existent, Chris Ogbonnaya (you read that right) had 100 yards on them. Pass rush? No such thing. Jeremy Mincey, the best pass rusher, was shut down by the all-pro Joe Thomas. Not surprising that much, but others have to step up.

To think of the possibilities if the Jaguars won this game makes it worse. Sitting at 4-7 with a huge showdown with the Texans the next week, with a lot of momentum after winning 3 out of the last 4 would be very encouraging. Needless to say, with the chance to get back in to the heart of the AFC South race, the Jaguars fell flat on their face. And this one hurt a lot.

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