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Marcedes Lewis Finally Gets It Going

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Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis signed a new long-term contract with the team after sitting out sometime in training camp. Lewis started out the season in disappointing fashion, struggling to catch the football and make an impact in the offense. Early on, Lewis struggled with a calf injury, which limited his effectiveness in the passing game and blocking. Lewis was frustrating to watch, dealing with drops. On Sunday however, Lewis and rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert finally got on the same page.

Lewis was targeted by Gabbert 11 times, catching 7 passes for 64 yards. Lewis and Gabbert got into such a groove, on the final drive of the game the Browns began committing multiple defenders to Lewis, especially on the goal line, to take him out of the play. Early on, it looked like another struggle day for Lewis as he dropped a low pass by Gabbert. Something clicked with Gabbert through, and he began throwing the ball at the 6-6 tight ends face, letting him "rebound" the football. Lewis made multiple catches with the ball that high, squeezing the ball out of the air and getting the "rebound". Hopefully, this can continue with Lewis saving his disappointing season with a better second half.