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Some Key Things to Look for this Week Against the Texans

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The Good

1. Expect to see a huge difference in the D-line with Knighton coming back.

2. One of the only sparks on our offense, MJD, expect to see him have a big game this week (even against the top ranked defense of the Texans)

3. I expect this game to be a low scoring one because of both teams top ranked defenses.

4. Finally, Matt Leinart will be Matt Leinart and will not have a good game against the Jaguars defense (even with the possibility of Andre Johnson being back in the lineup)

The Bad

1. Even if the game is supposed to be low-scoring I expect to the the Tate/Foster tandem to have a big game.

2. I expect to see a lot of school yard scuffles break out during this game.

3. I'm going to put Gabbert down here for now just because of the last time we played the Texans.

4. Finally, the receivers, I will say this all season long because the Jaguars still do not have a number one receiver.