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Jaguars Get To Face Leinart, Andre Johnson's Return

The Jacksonville Jaguars got a bit of a break with Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub going down for the season with a foot injury and will now be facing back up Matt Leinart on Sunday. The Texans on the other hand were fortunate that they got this news prior to their bye week, so Leinart will have had plenty of time taking reps in practice to prepare. He'll also be getting back wide receiver Andre Johnson, who's been out for quite a while with a hamstring injury.

Getting pressure on Leinart will be key in this game, especially with Johnson out. The Jaguars cornerbacks with Derek Cox, Williams Middleton, and newest addition Ashton Youboty will have their hands full. The Texans ate up the middle of the football field in the last match up, but ultimately it was the Texans running game that did the team in. Leinart likely isn't going to beat the Jaguars in the air, but having Andre Johnson back and the Jaguars defense being banged up could lead to him having a successful day as a starter.