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Who You Need to Pick up off the Waivers Right Now: Fantasy Football

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Pick Up Now

1. Anthony Fasano - If you're in a slump like me and don't have a number one tight end to put up the big numbers when you need him to, Anthony's your guy. In the past three weeks Fasano has had 106 receiving yards with three touchdowns. He is certainly no Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski, but he will do just fine against the Cowboys.

2. Nate Burleson - If you are desperate in the slot, Burleson might be a good pick up. Burleson finished with 63 yards  and one touchdown last week and could possibly be a valuable sleeper and a deep threat against the Packers.

3. Laurent Robinson - This is a guy is a must pick up this week after his last four weeks. His excellent stats of 242 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns over the four week period would make you think he was an all-pro WR. Especially, today going against the 16 ranked defense of the Miami Dolphins, Robinson should have a big game.

4. Dan Bailey - He should do great against the Dolphins as well, with a lot of extra points or some field goals. He's quickly becoming one of the top kickers in the NFL.

5. Alex Smith - Smith found his stride last week with 263 passing yards, two touchdowns, and only one interception as well as a nice 17 yards rushing. Going against the top ranked Baltimore Ravens defense will be a challenge but he will not go down without a fight.