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Jaguars lead the NFL in players on injured reserve

As if anyone needed further proof that 2011 has not been a good year for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Derek Cox heading to injured reserve represents a league-high 17th player to head to IR. The Jaguars were already well ahead of every other team in the category, but distanced themselves further and could continue to do so as there are reports that Terrance Knighton's season could also be reaching its conclusion sooner than later.

Injuries are probably not the reason why the Jaguars are 3-7, as their offense is the main cause for their lack of success and the starters on that unit have remained relatively healthy; however, the injuries piling up have certainly compounded a bad thing.

Team Players on IR
Jaguars 17
Bills 13
Panthers 12
Rams 11

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Team Players on IR
Jaguars 17
Bills 13
Panthers 12
Rams 11
Patriots 10
Texans 10
Seahawks 10
Colts 9
Chargers 8
Broncos 8
Chiefs 7
Giants 7
Redskins 7
Lions 7
Buccaneers 7
Jets 6
Raiders 6
Bears 6
Cardinals 6
Ravens 5
Steelers 5
49ers 5
Dolphins 4
Bengals 4
Browns 4
Packers 4
Saints 4
Titans 3
Cowboys 3
Vikings 3
Eagles 2
Falcons 2

(Numbers as of 11/25/2011)