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What Happened Dirk?

Remember the good ole days when the Jaguars were one of the top offensive teams in the league? Well I'm going to tell you five reasons why the Jaguars are last in the league this year.

1. The first reason is because of ROOKIE quarterback Blaine Gabbert, (I'm not saying this because he is bad but just because he is a rookie and is still getting used to the NFL life.)

2. The Receivers - The corps that the Jaguars have now have just been mediocre at best this season. 

3. Dirk Koetter - Dirk has had some really questionable play calls this season, for example the Blaine Gabbert almost game winning drive with 3 seconds left at the goal line.

4. Marcedes Lewis - What happened to the Pro Bowl TE we all were used to seeing? Instead we have seen the butter finger Marcedes (granted some throw by Blaine were overthrown and almost impossible to catch, and some might have  been under thrown by Blaine, but you still have to catch the football.)

5. Guy Whimper - I don't even have to explain why for this one.

6. Finally, I don't like to write end my articles with negatives, so I will end with one positive for this offense and that is Maurice Jones-Drew