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Jack Del Rio Fired: Jaguars Players React

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Jack Del Rio today, which was a surprise to me. Typically, a coach gets fired mid-season because they have lost the players on their team. The proverbial "lost the locker room." That hadn't happened with Del Rio, as the players still played their butts off for him. There was never any real signs of "quit" or lack of effort in the players this season.

You can tell the players enjoyed him as a coach by some of their reactions on Twitter after the announcement was made.

Jack was an awesome coach and I would go into battle anywhere, on any field with him. Nothing but respect and admiration .He will be missed
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Just heard bout firing of Jack Del Rio. Much respect to him as a coach. Taught me a lot last year while I was in Jacksonville. He'll be back
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I'd play for Jack any day.Regardless what anyone says, we love him in the locker room. Seeing it from the outside in is not the same.Sad Day
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