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Jack Del Rio Fired: What's Next For The Jaguars?


The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired head coach Jack Del Rio, in a move that many expected to happen after the season ended. Del Rio will be replaced in the interim by defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. Tucker has done a nice job with the Jaguars defense this season, now that it has been injected with talent at some key positions. He's shown an ability to get aggressive and shut down offenses using what he has.

So, what can Mel Tucker to differently than Jack Del Rio in the final 5 games?


Paul Kuharsky of, who covers the AFC South brings up an excellent point on what Mel Tucker should do: Everything possible to be different than Jack Del Rio.

Be crazy. Be inventive. Tell the players you want them the loosest they've ever been. There is no stress, let's go have some fun. San Diego is coming to town Monday night, and they've got the weight of Norv Turner's fate on their shoulders. Our weight's been lifted.

In essence, these last five games for the coaching staff will be a job interview. All of the coaches contracts expire at the end of the season, and their future is unknown. Use this time to showcase what you can to, with what you have.