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New Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan Releases Statement

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New Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan has released a statement about his purchase of the franchise:

Owning a team in the National Football League has long been my personal and professional goal. Becoming the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars would be a dream come true for me and my family but, above all, would be a privilege. To that end, I would like to thank Commissioner Roger Goodell and members of his team for their counsel and guidance throughout my efforts over the past several years. I am now looking forward to the review process in accordance with league policy. If the proposed transaction is approved in the weeks ahead, I will responsibly and enthusiastically serve the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars and their great fans, and I will be fully committed to delivering Jacksonville its first Super Bowl championship. This is a franchise with tons of potential, playing in a community that is passionate about football and loves to win. I can't think of a better place to be.

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver held a press conference to announce the sale of the team to Khan. "Shahid Khan is a great American success story and he will be an outstanding owner for this franchise and for this community. I am excited for the team and for our great fans because Shahid will bring passion and commitment to the job. He is committed to restoring a winning tradition here in Jacksonville," Wayne Weaver said.

Some information on Khan, released in a press release, after the jump.

In 1967, at the age of 16, Khan left Pakistan to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He began working for Flex-N-Gate Corporation in 1970, while an engineering student. Khan continued to work at Flex-N-Gate until 1978, when he left the company to start a new venture.

Helped by a Small Business Administration loan, he began a new business designing and manufacturing innovative lightweight, continuous metal bumper systems, with no seams to corrode or rust. Nearly two-thirds of all North American pick-up trucks and sport utilities have bumper systems based on Khan's designs and are manufactured and supplied by a Flex-N-Gate company.

Khan purchased the original Flex-N-Gate company in 1980. Since then, the Flex‑N‑Gate Group has been consistently profitable while enjoying impressive growth under his active ownership and guidance. The Flex-N-Gate Group today employs more than 10,000 associates at 48 manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Argentina, with annual sales exceeding $3 billion.

"I am honored to have recently signed an agreement with Wayne Weaver and his partners to purchase the Jacksonville Jaguars," Khan said. "I have known Wayne for some time and have long admired his spirit, which nearly 20 years ago - against all odds - helped make the Jaguars and the National Football League a reality for Jacksonville and North Florida. Wayne's legacy will be lasting, and I will always be grateful for Wayne's trust and confidence in my commitment to the Jaguars, the NFL and the people of the Jacksonville community."