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Confirmed: With sale, Jaguars now have best owner moustache in the NFL

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With this morning's news, Jacksonville Jaguars fans can rejoice as the team has reached the pinnacle of facial hair aspirations by acquiring Shahid Khan. With Khan's purchasing of the Jacksonville Jaguars, a move that will make him the NFL's only minority owner, the Jaguars can without a doubt say that their owner has the best moustache in the NFL.

With a slight curl at both ends, Khan's stache is quickly winning over the hearts of Jaguars fans and by looking at it, it's easy to see why. With a Twitter account for Khan's stache already in existence and T-shirt designs underway, it appears Jaguars fans are doing the only reasonable thing they can do in reaction to such an epic stache, embracing it.

It is unclear yet what the reactions of the NFL's other owners will be in response to Khan's stache, but it would not be surprising in the slightest to see Colts owner Jim Irsay begin his quest to overtake Khan. I'd like to see you try Jim.