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Jaguars Coaching Search: Brian Billick, Mike Martz, Ridiculous

The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching search will begin shortly and we'll hear names to look out for, who they should hire, who they could hire, etc. etc. Well, the rumor mill has already started with a statement from former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick. In a statement about the rumor, of which I have no idea where it started, Billick said "I'm relaxed and enjoying my life... They're looking young and cheap, and I'm neither." Billick apparently doesn't think the Jaguars can afford his greatness.

The next great rumor was passed on by ESPN's John Clayton, with some of the worst logic I've ever seen:

One name not to rule out for the Jaguars job is Mike Martz. The new owner was a Rams season ticket holder. That makes him a consideration.

Well, I tried to think of something snarky to say about how ridiculous the statement is... but I think it speaks for itself.