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New Era

It has been one thing after another today, hearing these names repeatedly...Jack Del Rio, Mel Tucker, Wayne Weaver, Shahid Khan and more. The morning news featured the most action in Jaguars history. It began hearing about the firing of Del Rio and was quickly followed by questions of "Who's the next head coach?" But shortly thereafter, reports surfaced that Mel Tucker, defensive coordinator, would be the new interim HC. From where I stand, people are wondering, "Is Tucker really our new head coach, or are the Jaguars looking for a new head coach and still holding a DC job for Tucker?"

Jack Del Rio went 68-71 with his 9 year career with the Jaguars and no Super Bowls, but did he do the right moves at the right time? He announced he was benching Mark Brunell and giving rookie Byron Leftwich the job in 2003. He insisted Leftwich was his starter in 2007, and then cut him days before the season opener. He did the same thing to David Garrard this season, cutting him five days before the opener and naming Luke McCown the starter. So did he make the right moves at the right time?

Wayne Weaver agreed to sell the team to the Flex-N-Gate owner Shahid Khan. Khan a prospective buyer of the Rams before Stan Kroenke was awarded that franchise with a higher bid last year, has been approved as the new Jaguars owner by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL's finance committee will vote on the sale Dec. 6 and all owners are to cast votes on Dec. 14.

Now, with the Jaguars having a new head coach and a new owner the question remains, "Is this good for the Jaguars?" As we know, this is a young team and they have a lot to accomplish. With that said, I think it is good because everyone deserves a fresh start.