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2008 NFL Draft Refocused: Jacksonville Jaguars

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We all know the 2008 NFL Draft was bad, especially for the Jacksonville Jaguars. That draft alone is pegged as the heart of much of the current team's problems. While I think that's a bit overstated four years removed, it was a massive mistake for this team. Pro Football Focus took another look at the 2008 NFL Draft and re-drafted. Here's where they went with the Jaguars:

8. Derrick Harvey, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

Key Stat: After picking up 41 defensive stops in 849 snaps in 2009, picked up just eight in 359 a year later.

Notes: First you had the Jags trading up for him. Then you had the holdout. Then you had him being benched and then cut. In between it wasn’t all bad. As a rookie, Harvey generated some pressure, but the Jags flirting with a 3-4 in 2009 seemed to confuse the heck out of him and see him lose his way as a pass rusher. By the end of the things was just a non-entity when on the field and will go down as a waste of a number of picks.

Re-Draft: Well you wouldn’t take Harvey this early that’s for sure. Instead how about giving your quarterback who, at the time, you have faith in, a weapon? DeSean Jackson please.

Grade: F